January 16, 2020


BAIBA releases the latest music video for the single, “I Believe You”. BAIBA had been a little quiet since last summer’s bouncy number, “Waiting” which had quickly followed April’s “Lighter”. However, the young Latvian musician, who is currently based in Austria, seems to be releasing singles to match the weather. “I Believe You” is a dark and broody song with a paradoxical comfortingly haunting narrative.

“I Believe You” draws slightly on BAIBA’s earlier, melancholic singer-songwriter sound – listen to 2017’s ”These Storms”: BAIBA’s debut album, a collaboration with producer Christoph Holzknecht (CHRS). The trickles of her exploration through electronic pop music over the past few years come through to perfectly balance the powerful vocal performance. The song starts with BAIBA accompanied only by a piano. As the opening verse builds, a dissonant tension builds with a reverbing guitar. BAIBA’s singing over deep beats creates a complimentary vivid yet contrasting sound to release the tension. A piercing backing singer emphasizing “you, you” breaks the surface that BAIBA’s menacing invitation to “let me love you” is dragging you under. ‘They said that love will set us free, but what if it is here to also capture us?’ BAIBA reflects. When the grip of the music isn’t at the forefront, the grip of the story is. Throughout the song, melody and vocals work off each other magnificently.

“I Believe You” tells a story of longing, persuasion and naive submission we tend to feel towards our loved ones. In the music video, made by Austrian filmmaker, Chó, the story is about two people stuck in an unhealthy relationship. The video shows how driven by our desires, we yearn for truly intimate relationships. Throughout the video for “I Believe You” the use of recurring characters from past BAIBA videos drives this point home. The main role is a friend from “Waiting”. What could this mean?

We first we see BAIBA lumbering behind a visibly distraught figure, seemingly unaware of her presence as they navigate a night square. BAIBA’s ominous glare finally registers – a scared turn and a flashback to earlier at the club, dancing unaware of BAIBA watching through a cloud of smoke. The first interaction: a wantingly unthreatening whisper “don’t you worry”. When the chorus comes in, both figures are entangled, tightly constricted to a tiny bathtub. As the narrative continues, the imagery starts changing from scene to scene. The initial menacing, creepy feelings are turned on their heads – I won’t reveal how. The switch is the depiction of the themes of toxic relationships and how we struggle to form deep and meaningful connections and get stuck in patterns that either violates us or the opposite party. It could be between friends, co-workers, family or lovers. BAIBA’s vocals are rich and intoxicating, where you hang onto every word she sings, and wish she was next to you. The electronic arrangements are familiar, aided by the stirring production that together creates a haunting soundscape. A breathtaking introduction to a hidden gem.” – The Revue

BAIBA’s singles ‘Running’, ‘Light Inside’, ‘Touch You Right’ and ‘You Don’t Know Me’ have had radio airplay across Europe and have also been featured in numerous Canadian and American music blogs. The single ‘You Don’t Know Me’ was on daily rotation on several of Latvia’s biggest radio stations. The previous single ‘Waiting’ was on daily rotation at Austrian radio station FM4.

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