January 20, 2020


It’s not that often that I find acoustic songs completely fulfilling. Prom Queen Crown by Rallie and Coal however has all the needed elements. Captivating chord progressions, beautiful vocals and subtle progression to provide expanding elements.

Rallie & Coal are an artist & songwriting duo from Sweden, focused on pop music. Working closely during the whole process, Rallie & Coal each provide their unique skills to create a distinct sound of their own. They are often conceptual in their writing, letting inspiration flow with an aim to tell a complete story in each song. Their influences include everything from the Billboard sound of Max Martin and beautifully composed lyrics of Julia Michaels, to the moving melodies of John Mayer.

Rallie & Coal first met while studying at Musikmakarna, a world renowned school for songwriting and music production located in the North of Sweden. They worked both separately and together during their time at Musikmakarna, but with Rallie’s knack for lyrics and Coal’s skill for melodies they found that they complimented each other and could push their songwriting to achieve new heights. And so Rallie & Coal was born.

“Prom Queen Crown” is a light-hearted culmination of confusion, nostalgia and reminiscing over a so-called simpler time. You’re in a place in your life where you know where you want to go and who you want to be, but that doesn’t help because you have no idea how to get there. With all of those thoughts circulating, all you can think is how easy it would be to go back to the time in high school where the biggest thing you worried about was some surface-level popularity contest and the prom queen crown being a symbol of this. It’s the epitome of wanting to go back to that naiveté.

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