February 4, 2020


Zachary Knowles has been making music since he was a child. He performed covers in talent shows, graduated to writing his own music, dropped it on Soundcloud, and was surprised to find that his tracks had racked up tens of thousands of streams. “I fell in love with making music. I’d come home from school and write as much stuff as I could,” explains Knowles. Now, signed to the prestigious record label FADER, Zachary has spent a year making a name for himself with well crafted singles like this one. Introducing ‘Ghost’.

‘Ghost’ is a hip-hop infused folk-pop ballad, underscored by a simple guitar riff and a tasteful neo-trap beat. The spotlight is on Zachary’s direct, soulful, and melancholy lead voice, supported by blissful and washy background vocals.

‘Ghost’ is a hooky song, easy to listen to, easy to enjoy, and very well written.

Zachary Knowles’ been racking up millions of streams, and you should give this a listen so you can say you heard this before it was famous. Quick, go listen!

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