February 5, 2020


Jon Vinyl, real name Jonathon Hamilton, has been making music since the age of fifteen. Raised in Toronto he has been a local to the Dundas area and is currently located in Pickering. Now at twenty two years of age he has caught the industry’s attention including the likes of Billboard, Apple Music, and MTV.

On this track he celebrates the precious “Moments” in a relationship when a problem shared is a problem halved. In a time of social media when it can seem as if everyone else but you has their life together, Jon Vinyl gives you permission to entrust someone with your troubles. Surrender yourself to the strummed guitar chords and waving synths that hit the sweet spot between R&B and Soul.

For me R&B is the genre for love songs. “Moments” lyrics promote a healthy bond of emotional support between a couple. Jon Vinyl even has the “best friends know [he’s] never gon’ stop” supporting the love of his life. He has garnered the best friends and my own seal of approval. This is the perfect song for a developing relationship and is an easily recognizable conversation for anyone in a long-term commitment. It is clear that Jon Vinyl has the skill to translate his personal life into shared experience, the mark of an adept artist. “Moments” is well composed and is an exciting glimpse into the artist’s ability to be vulnerable, not only in love but with an audience.

Jon Vinyl maintains his family bonds. He is managed, and encouraged, by his older brother Jamil Hamilton. He grew up on his mother’s music, cutting his teeth on artists such as Luther Vandross and Jodeci. Knowing these influences we can better understand Jon Vinyl’s courage to be so vulnerable. I have no doubt we will be treated to even more gorgeous music from him in the near future.

Listen below or on the New Faces of Toronto playlist HERE.

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