February 5, 2020


2020 marks the return of Kiesza and her unique brand of pop music. After taking a two year hiatus the singer-songwriter is rested and ready to shine again on the global stage.

Kiesza first sky-rocketed to stardom in 2014 with her catchy song ‘Hideaway’. The music video for this was a showcase of the star’s impressive vocals and fine tuned choreography, all captured in a single shot. She has a keen understanding of how a video has the ability to enhance her music for the audience.

Kiesza has released the music video for her track ‘When Boys Cry’ directed by Nytrix DOP: Chris Copro. The new video is a clever subversion of Gene Kelly’s iconic ‘Singing in the Rain’. Where Kelly was happy in a downpour with his umbrella closed, Kiesza sings about toxic masculinity with her umbrella popped open on a clear evening on the streets of L.A. The lack of rain to be seen allegorizes her lyrics “When boys cry, boys cry You gotta learn what to see In their dry eyes, dry eyes”.

The electro-pop song’s glittery presentation lends itself to a celebration of men’s emotions, even if they are seen too infrequently. Kiesza has previously been vocal in championing the empowerment of femininity, now extending this empowerment to men. Many men today still maintain a block when it comes to opening up to others, Kiesza would encourage them to get in touch with their feminine side. In highlighting this still prevalent issue Kiesza is letting us all know it is okay for men to be vulnerable. It could even be fun to do so!

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