February 26, 2020


Hailing from rural Romania, 16 year old artist Francis On My Mind (aka Francesca Nicolescu) is a new voice in the pop music world. Her debut single is called ‘On My Mind’ (via Universal Romania), which is a funny and interesting choice considering her artist name. The single is accompanied by an evocative and spacious music video, shot in the Transylvanian wilderness.

‘On My Mind’ is a catchy mid-tempo synth pop track. The production, done by Mihai of acclaimed electro pop band Golan, is slick and polished, with trap hats, punchy kicks, and gorgeous washy synth pads. Front and centre is Francesca’s voice, smooth and rich.

‘On My Mind’ reflects on teenage love, endings and beginnings. “I remember those days, when I dreamt in summer haze, every spot on your face, keeps coming back to me,” sings Francesca over soft hazy keys. It’s a great introduction to an obviously talented new artist who will certainly make a big splash in the music world.

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