March 9, 2020


A few minutes of Googling provides only two solid facts about Aaron Taos: he’s a New Yorker, and he makes direct and polished DIY indie pop music. However, with a wealth of musical and cinematic content, Aaron lets his music speak for him, and I’m happy to listen. I started with his new music video for his latest single: ‘I just fell in love with my ex’.

‘I just fell in love with my ex’ (henceforth shall be referred to as IJFILWME) is a cleanly produced pop song. Vocals are dry, tuned, and upfront, conveying a simple story. The instrumental is composed of jangly surfy guitars, hand-clap drums, and effected vocal layers. It’s a catchy song, and Aaron clearly knows what he’s doing as a producer, but what sells ‘IJFILWME’ for me is the video. Aaron sits at his writing desk composing letters, as floating characters (ex, cupid, etc) do funny things. It’s quirky and simple and endearing.

Aaron Taos is very much worth a watch and a listen, is clearly destined for great things, and is someone to keep an eye on.

#indiepop #aarontaos #ijustfellinlovewithmyex

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