March 17, 2020


Csoke is an emerging Australian pop-artist who’s starting to make some waves. Introducing her new catchy single: Figure It Out.

Figure It Out is a breezy up-beat pop track, highlighting Csoke’s smooth vocal delivery. The instrumental is minimal and effective, using soca rhythms, subtle synths, and burbly 90s bass. Csoke explains that the song is about:

“taking control of a sensual situation and as a woman allowing myself to take control of that situation and just admit what I want.”

“Only a few months after a breakup and in the midst of trying to moving on; questioning sexuality, I decided to let myself go, shut off my brain and write purely based on raw, unfiltered emotion that allowed myself to say what I felt at the time without the care of being judged.”

“Figure It Out” is an easy track to like and definitely worth a stream or two.

#indiepop #csoke #figureitout

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