March 17, 2020


Toronto-based illustrator and musician J. Hutton, the conductor of The Velvetesque Express, has released his new single ‘Twice’. I would describe it as alternative hip-hop. A slow base-heavy beat and catchy lyrics has me listening to ‘Twice’ on repeat.

The inspiration for the track occurred when J. Hutton experienced a sort of déjà vu while rambling across the foothills of eastern Toronto. Hutton could hear the beginnings of the song’s melody, he broke into a sprint, running through the streets of the city to arrive at the apartment of Losh, his partner and co-conspirator.

Losh is the Incredible Projects Founder & CEO, a producer, a recorder, a mixer, and a drummer. J. Hutton brought Losh in to produce the song, which I may add together it took the pair a consecutive fourteen hours to form the soul sound of ‘Twice’. Additional production input from the songwriter and producer Jeff Hazin, the song has been mixed and mastered by Atlanta based Dula.

This is J. Hutton’s second single release in three years. He seems to be slow to make music but I have to respect his quality over quantity approach. His first single ‘No Complaints’ has a similar slow beat and well thought out lyrics but this single has a notable blues influence, J. Hutton has an apparent penchant for taking his time in music. I will be patiently waiting for his next release.

Listen HERE.

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