March 19, 2020


Adam Hender’s “I Don’t Mind” is a sulky ode to selfless, unconditional love. He croons his desire to see an unrequited love happy, even apart from him. As hopeless as his cause is, I’m sure its a position almost all of us have been in, one time or another.

Following from that theme of relatability, this song is utterly conventional. The timbre of Hender’s voice is largely indistinguishable from many recent radio stalwarts, and his rhythmic phrasing is in line with the current trends of that arena. Instrumentally, the song moves from a minimal piano ballad to a slightly busier piano ballad, weaving in sparse percussion and synthy accents. And yet, one cannot escape the impression that this has been done before. There’s nothing really “wrong” with this song, and it’s clearly well-produced. It’s an unassuming pop song that doesn’t reach for anything else, and if that’s the goal, then Hender has made it.

#indiepop #adamhender #idontmind

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