March 19, 2020


Payson Lewis is back with a new hard-hitting single! Payson is an accomplished actor and musician, who studied music at USC, sung with orchestras in Taiwan and Korea, and placed 4th in NBC’s The Sing-Off. He’s been making a name for himself as a songwriter with catchy pop tunes. Introducing his new single: Making Trouble.

Making Trouble is an energetic rock-pop song with electronic flourishes. The production by Ben Soladate is bright, in-your-face, and gritty, with crunchy drums, upfront vocals, a brass section, and touches of studio wizardry (such as ample use of bitcrusher). It also features excellent musical performances from Rob Humphreys (drums), Alex Balderson (bass) and Erik Carlson (guitar), as well as a host of backup singers.

The lyrical content and meaning of the song is best summed up by Payson himself: “Ever met that one person who you just can’t resist? Who you know is nothing, but a world of hurt, but you still just can’t say no? The one who has you breaking every rule you always said you’d never? I have. Hence, ‘Making Trouble,’.

In these crazy times, this is a great song to blast while jumping up and down in your living room, I recommend you do that.

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