April 20, 2020


Ever wondered what Ukulele paired with synth bass sounds like? This is ‘Bloodline’. The *middle finger* styled, empowering breakup anthem dedicated to everyone that’s been/is in a relationship they know is no good for them.

Cheska Moore introduces us to something new in her most recent Alt-bedroom pop single, Bloodline. It features the upbeat sounds of the ukulele, synth bass and toy-like instruments such as the glockenspiel, lo fi drums, claps and clicks, appearing as a striking contrast to the almost angry lyrics that go alongside it. Bloodline outlines why she walked away from the relationship, simply stating ‘I gave too much, time after time’ and ‘you made me happy, but you made me cry’. She becomes aware that she’s better off out of an exhausting relationship that’s full of excuses. Cheska came up with the title when analysing why he was like this, landing on the realisation that it was in his bloodline.

Beginning with the cheery, fun sound of the ukulele, vocals, instruments and even laughter are layered one by one and the lyrics quickly bring us to the realisation that this song, although upbeat, is not a happy, carefree ballad to a loved one. Cheska brings in her unique song writing skills and creative talents as well as incredible raw vocals to bring us something that isn’t your typical breakup song.

Although Bloodline is an exciting fresh sound for Cheska, the Alt-bedroom pop track does feature some of her signature stylistic elements in the bridge, with her uniquely haunting vocals dropping down lower, slower and turning darker. The juxtaposition of her then exploding into the final chorus from the bridge is sensational. It sounds more incongruously buoyant than ever before, boasting more layers instrumentally, vocally and emotionally and bringing together the whole track in a tremendous finale.

Full of empowerment, attitude and just a touch of anger, this ode to a past relationship comes from the realization that the person you once thought the most of turns out to be a bit of a loser and you’re better off without them. When mixed with the listener’s understanding of the message of the track, the unlikely pairing of the lyrics and the ambience may not seem so out of place after all.

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