April 26, 2020


Here’s “I (Don’t) Miss You” by LENII.

“I wasnʼt planning on releasing it for a few months but right now, as weʼre all separated from each other, everyoneʼs missing so much – partners, friends, family, little human interactions – I feel like itʼs a topic we can all connect over.”

LENII aka Ellen Murphy explains what inspired this,

‘it’s a pretty straight forward break up song. Itʼs about missing being in the relationship, but not necessarily missing the person. Missing being somebodyʼs somebody. I was at a drag show one night a while after breaking up with my boyfriend, and one of the queens started talking about the movie Spirited Away. It was my exʼs favorite movie but I found it creepy so we never finished watching it, and suddenly I was hit with the realization that Iʼd never see the end of it with him and there was something so tragic about that. I cried on the subway home and started writing all the feelings down as lyrics. – “remember that movie, the one thatʼs your favorite”’

The emotion really pours out of this one and you can tell. LENII even had to stop recording at times from crying in the studio. The singer, songwriter, music producer and multi instrumentalist is from Cork, Ireland. Leniiʼs upcoming music has a more playful tone – discussing dark, emotional topics with the comedic touch of her distinctly Irish humor.

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