April 26, 2020


“when i get home.” is a collaboration between producer Kayvahn and singer/songwriter Pre Kai Ro. Both artists have found some major success in the world of streaming, so their collab makes sense. The track is a short and sweet little trap-infused ditty, with washy keys, ticking hats, verby clicks and clacks, and punchy kicks. Pre Kai Ro’s smooth auto-tuned voice sits sweetly on top, singing about the struggles of being a touring artist in a relationship.

“when i get home.” is the collaboration between Kayvahn and pre kai ro that’s been in the works for years. With first talks of working together in 2017, the two have had an ongoing appreciation for each other’s music. Finally, in 2020, they’re able to bring this trap infused R&B instrumental from Kayvahn, with infectious falsetto vocals and a sexy topline from pre kai ro to life. Examining elements of love, loss and success within the world of music, the track is a first-person evaluation of the pre’s current situation with his love interest. Unable to stop reminiscing about this significant other, kai attempts to block out his thoughts about the relationship which has been strained by his time on the road in pursuit of success. The song will be available worldwide on Friday the 10th of April, 2020 – through Go For Gold Music Group.

Dive into the falsetto-driven darkness below.

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