April 26, 2020


Songwriter/producer Mr. Popular announces his debut album, Flair For The Dramatic (out May 1st), and celebrates by sharing the lead-off single “Nowhere To Hide”. The track is a sleek cut of bright and upbeat pop that belies the bitter-sweet lyrical content. What stood to me about this track is the vocal filter thats used tastefully at times in different intensities. He still lets his unique vocal tone shine naturally at times with strong pitch control.

The man behind Mr. Popular, Ethan Davis, explains,

“Nowhere To Hide was initially about my anxiety and feeling trapped in it; also me trying to numb that pain of past relationships gone bad.” He continues, “By the time the song was finished, I realized it was more about the redemptive side of being stuck. ‘Stuck inside your love with nowhere to hide and I don’t really mind’ means that it’s not always bad to be stuck somewhere. It’s more about your perspective of the circumstances and allowing God or your lover to shape your view of the situation instead of your anxiety”

Mr. Popular is the culmination of a journey for Davis that began behind-the-scenes as the ghost-producer Mr. Pop. In 2018 he broke above ground, as the paper-bag-masked Mr. Popular, with a series of singles that followed his muse through EDM, hip-hop, indie and beyond. This self-described genre mash of “ADHD pop” swiftly caught love from Spotify’s editorial team, featuring on New Music Friday and ultimately rising to #3 on both the U.S. and Global Viral 50 charts.

Mr. Pop describes how the bag served as a tool that allowed him to explore soundscapes without expectation,

“The bag was a simple way for me to conceal my identity so I could freely create without any boundaries or expectations. There was no history attached to the bag and I could become anything I wanted, figuratively and literally.”

Flair For The Dramatic is a bold and honest unveiling in which Davis has, literally, removed the mask. These seven tracks find Mr. Popular un-obscured, wholly himself, and striking forward with a tightly cohesive collection of glistening, irrepressibly catchy, pop songs.

Mr. Pop hopes that, while the Flair For The Dramatic is designed to be at home on a dancefloor, it also offers listeners some emotional support. He says, “If you’ve been through any rough patches relationally, this album should meet you right where you’re at. I hope you identify and resonate with my stories in a way that makes you feel understood. You are not alone.”

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