June 1, 2020


Canadian artist, noelle, is a 19-year-old emerging pop talent with a modern R&B edge. noelle has been singing since she was barely old enough to walk. Initially finding her footing through YouTube, noelle amassed a following of nearly 100k subscribers resulting from her viral covers of timeless classics and today’s biggest acts.

noelle won’t let herself forget that she can do better, repeating it in the post-hook following these lyrics from the pre-hook into the hook:

“You, You don’t even know what you’re capable of

Got all these broken hearts, unable to love

Recover from your shit, baby nobody does, nobody does

I, I thought that you were it, but I never knew

That I was just a body, nothing more to you

Now I’m sitting in this room 50 shades of blue”

The pop production has gliding 808s and a layered clap & snap for playfulness. The vocals are often layered with subtle electronic vocoders which remind me of fellow TO native, bulow.

noelle’s pop ballad repertoire harnesses the powerful contrast of the darkness she sees in the modern world. Coupling thought-provoking lyrics with melodies that will both emotionally and physically move her audience, her words remind you how it feels to experience the world and love as a teen today.

Stream below or in the “New Faces of Toronto” playlist among 99 other tracks from city locals.

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