June 4, 2020


Indie-pop trio The Million hail from Australia. Managed by War Road Management – the team behind Nothing But Thieves, The Wrecks and founders of Drive Thru Records.

Incredibly creative elements layered over otherwise simple and solid guitar-based production really makes this track interesting. Take that mixed with the tasteful raspy tone and unique melodies and songwriting and we have an innovative masterpiece. The track is grounded in funk and R&B, inspired by psychedelic pop of Tame Impala and the rainbow-soaked melodies of Kacey Musgraves – while remaining fundamentally indie pop, reflecting the specific dynamics of The Million.

What specifically stands out to me on “Catch Up” is the rap/sing hybrid delivery from Jacob. It’s unpredictable, witty and creative and keeps you guessing.

Check Up finds Jacob switching his vision more inward, after a formative experience on the trio’s Los Angeles writing trip made Jacob take stock of who he really is.

“It was written at a time when self-reflection and self-doubt were fighting each other in my head. I began having these internal thoughts of, “Am I good enough? Am I good at what I’m doing?” he says, “In that period of time, I was really questioning if I was worth anything, or more specifically if I was worth the career I was building.”

To top it all off, the music video is genius and as creative as their others. Follow the band in a video game that follows their music career.

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