June 23, 2020


After a short hiatus, Little League is back in 2020 with his new single “Not My Ex”. His highly anticipated return comes off the back of huge success with the track ‘New Vibe Who Dis” – achieving over 8.7 Million Spotify Streams.

Not My Ex perfectly displays the wide array of talents Little League possesses. The unique delivery of his Alt-Pop/Rap vocal takes the attention of the listener from the early stages, drawing you in for the whole 2:49 experience. No doubt, the highlight of the track comes from the ‘breakdown’ section at ‘1:56’ where we are treated to brilliantly performed rap and genius sound design.

Little League’s vocal delivery is indeed versatile, with a talent of delivering different singing tones of vocals and also quirky rap jabs. The production’s a great blend of unique and futuristic sounds and customized sounds to fit the lyrics and mood of the song.

LL tells us:

“It’s one thing to talk about past relationships. It’s another to only talk about past relationships. At that time I wrote this, that was a theme in my life. So I wrote this song so I could bite my tongue a little while longer. ’Not My Ex’ is less about the other person, and more about respecting yourself.”

Decently hooky melodies, abnormal amounts of quirkiness, a tolerable portion of life experience, and arguably too many hats: these are the key ingredients that create Little League. With a catalog that ranges from cheeky, upbeat EDM to more introspective, mainstream pop, Little League (a.k.a. Cristopher Stayton) likes to flirt with variety in his music while keeping a distinct, playful voice in both his writings and recordings.

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