June 26, 2020


Patrik Jean is a Swedish singer and songwriter from Stockholm. Through out the last few years, while writing songs for other artists he has kept the most personal ones for himself. He recently shared those very honest and emotional stories, in his debut EP. In soulful pop songs he sings about guys and girls breaking his heart, and the phases you go through getting over someone.

I first noticed his vibrato that tails at the end of the verse’s phrasing. His vocals continue to impress with the shift into falsetto and bouncing between ranges. He delivers a compelling performance bouncing over the magical and kick-focused pop production.

Independent artist Patrik Jean is sending love from Sweden with new single 24. It’s a playful pop tune, perfect for summer, where he sings about a guy he unexpectedly fell for. It can be described as a follow-up on his successful single ”Prosecco”. With a major campaign on bus stops all over Stockholm he is going all in for this release, and hopes to break boundaries regarding what’s possible for independent artists today.

He really can’t get this guy off his mind (as it’s a repetitive line and concept in the song) but maybe once he does, more doors will open, listen below.

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