June 26, 2020


Reuben Gray – one of the UK’s most exciting emerging pop stars on the cusp of mainstream breakthrough – is back with summer pop anthem IDWBC, a single capturing his heartfelt conclusions from teenage-hood. Reuben Gray first won the public’s imagination when his songs struck a chord with the audience of the hugely popular Britain’s Got Talent in 2016, catapulting him to a surprise finish in that year’s runner up spot.

The 19-year-old singer songwriter draws influence from Lauv and Dua Lipa. Written in Oslo, Norway and recorded in London’s Tileyard Studios with producer James Lewis (known for his work with Ella Henderson, Chelcee Grimes, James Newman, Louisa Johnson, Alex TBH and more), IDWBC is a total empowerment anthem.

Gen-Z kids will surely resonate with this message, a generation of young adults who are truly paving their own lanes in style, and perspective. No longer trapped by images of “cool kids”, new norms are popping up all the time, encouraging them to be themselves and Reuben portrays this well over the vocoder laced, appropriately spaced-out pop production.

Reuben explains the inspiration behind the song:

“IDWBC is probably my most honest song to date, it’s really about the last year and a half of my life and accepting that it’s ok to be different and not what is stereotypically “cool”. I was always that kid who would rather sit by himself in the music rooms in school on a piano than play football, I couldn’t help it, so I wrote this song with some close friends of mine to prove to myself and everyone else that its way “cooler” to be you than try to be something/someone else. I think people my age need to hear that,” says Reuben enthusiastically about the track.”

Reuben’s fan-first approach is really evident in every stage of this release – from a series of Instagram and YouTube Lockdown Lives to a cover art competition that brought in so many entries Reuben couldn’t choose just one, to the #coolchallenge launching on TikTok on release weekend – it’s all about Reuben getting to know and engaging his fans.

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