June 29, 2020


Carried by soft harmonies and a subtle guitar line, “FAKE” is a slow jam for the social media era – a track lamenting the difficulty of connection and the fear of missing out.

Young Friend would have to be the most Gen-Z artist name i’ve ever seen. What stood out in “FAKE” first was the honest and genuine lyrics and how easily they flow together. The production is perfectly simple as an accompaniment to the laid back vocals, sometimes layered with well-placed falsettos.

“FAKE” has already surpassed 12,000 streams within the first week of its release having been placed in Spotify’s ‘New Music Friday Canada’ and “Indie Pop Chillout” playlists. The track is the follow-up to his last single ‘LOVERBOY’, which recently passed 170,000 streams on Spotify and was featured on the “Fresh Finds” playlist.

The music video for ‘FAKE’ sees young friend more comfortable in front of the camera than ever, and was all filmed while social distancing at his home and in its surrounding neighbourhood. Between being moody, goofy and as introspective as the track itself, he effortlessly emits charisma and owns his place as the sole subject of the video. If you weren’t already convinced that young friend is a star, let this prove you otherwise.

Marbled between a mid-century style icon and internet-age DIY polymath, young friend is hard to ignore. He wears a love for the antique on his sleeve, of vintage cars and European architecture, but remains just as comfortable and street smart in the urban sprawl of his native Vancouver, Canada.

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