July 18, 2020


Norwegian artist Paria brings with her a refreshing, new sound to the music scene that captivates her audience with the pure emotions in her lyrics and melodies, her unique productions and her layered harmonies. Having been brought up on artists such as Amy Winehouse, Kanye West and Stromae, Paria’s music is diverse in sound. Her sound is easily recognizable with her rhythmic hip-hop flow and soulful harmonies. She has a vision to create music for all audiences that is relatable, honest and will be a reflection of her life, values and experiences; music that binds people from various walks of life because it speaks on real, universal feelings.

Despite All Crazy features sweet, captivating vocals with just the right amount of embellishment throughout the song. The melodies leave us guessing what’ll come next, and the production is compellingly fresh yet familiar. Check it out below.

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