December 22, 2020


I remember hearing the verses think how this vocal tone was a nice raspy and heartfelt tone and delivery. When the chorus hit, I almost fell out of my chair. The massive vocal entrance that is comparable to Bon Iver meets Francis & The Lights will have you swooning.

It’s been just 9 months since Christy began to unleash his beautifully honest, heartfelt love songs on to the world, and within that time he’s gone from zero to well over a million combined streams on Spotify alone. He’s now been named as one of Amazon Music UK and Wonderland’s Ones To Watch for 2021, and is set to release his brand new single ‘This Road’ before embarking on a new EP campaign next year.

With its rustic pedalled acoustic guitar and tender brass layers, ‘This Road’ arrives just at the right time as we head into winter’s shorter, rainier days. With verses that capture Christy’s most delicate and sombre vocal performances to date, the song transforms in it’s chorus, full of wide choral harmonies, hand claps, and clicks.

‘This Road’ is, for me, echoing right back to the very first songs I wrote when I was 16.” says Christy, “I used to demo songs on GarageBand back then, now I co produced ‘This Road’. The first released song I have co produced! It is the story of a person that you can’t seem to stay away from and keep going back to even though it’s been proved to be a bad idea time and time again.”

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