March 4, 2021


Back in the Greco-Roman times, Chymes was said to be the founder of alchemy, the magical power of transforming the ordinary into something extraordinary. Today, his legacy glimmers in Australian singer/songwriter Chymes, who has earned global word-of-mouth recognition by expanding from-the-heart songwriting into transcendent soundscapes. Two years ago, Jungkook—a member of the popular K-POP group BTS—tweeted a link to Chymes’ levitating song “Dreaming.” Her life changed overnight. To date, the single has been streamed more than 8 million times on Apple and Spotify.

Now, after a slew of fantastic tours and a recent a diagnosis of autism, Chymes is ready to release her debut EP, Hell & Divine, on April 23, 2021. The record is an energizing whirl of power struggles and finding one’s voice, offering an intriguing push-and-pull of ethereal vocals mingled with assertive beats. She explains, “I prefer to write in concepts. Usually I have a feeling or situation or idea that’s personal to me, and then I write a story around it. Before I had my diagnosis, I was more detached in a way. I had a really, really hard year. I felt more free to experiment, free to be more open about my ideas and I’ve written the best stuff I’ve ever written.”

Made of You” is a fantastically crafted pop track with dark tones and feathery vocals. The theme of taking credit where credit is due after a breakup hits hard. The ascending pre-chorus melody is addictive; Chyme’s voice is effortlessly appealing. The production never steps on her toes, and compliments the haunting vibe of the song. This is one of our favourites right now.

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