December 11, 2020


Meet Australias’ GRAACE, with “You Do You”…this track is just huge. We get drawn in with gentle yet commanding vocals framed with that funky bass everyone loves. Pre-hook hits, enter cinematic synths rising up to return back to the minimal funk bass for the chorus.

It’s such a well transitioned mix of these two different elements of production while harnessing the benefits of each into one bop.

On this track, GRAACE veers from her popular sad-girl-pop sound for this bold, danceable track. Cut from the same cloth as artist like Dua Lipa and King Princess, GRAACE paves her way in the pop world with sensational songwriting and disco-inspired production. With a sense of assuredness and confidence, GRAACE finds her truth and doesn’t care what anyone has to say about it.

GRAACE tells us,

“‘You Do You’ is written about the honeymoon phase of meeting someone. Personally, I’m somebody who doesn’t have a type and falls for personalities rather than looks or gender, it pulls me in like crazy when somebody has this certain energy about them,” explains GRAACE.

Writing the chorus I was picturing that funny stage when there’s a thin line in the beginning of a relationship where you want to give that person everything right there and then but know you need to play it a little bit cool or they’ll think your weird and clingy haha. But I think that bit of mystery is fun. Embracing being a woman is something that has taken time for me but writing ‘You Do You’ felt like me in my rawest form being vulnerable and strong. And f%^king owning the power we have.”

GRAACE has a magical way of taking her brash honesty and turning it into heartbreaking and healing tunes. The 22-year-old songstress relays her very real experiences from heartbreak to heart-breaker so gracefully.

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