February 16, 2021


Hauskey’s music dials up the rippled grooves, pares them with a sigh and watches as they float away on a musical cloud heading every skyward. It’s future pop with chops. It tells stories, coloured by life’s daily glitches.

Hauskey’s quasi-R&B vocals telling tales on himself, as the song skips along jubilantly to a cocktail of synths and whatever else. For someone who cares so much, it’s all remarkably unselfconscious. It’s got a touch of the Kevin Abstracts and Mac DeMarcos about it perhaps. Pop with purpose, on the 45-degree tilt. It’s already doing fine things back in Australia, with those arbiters of what’s good Triple J having spun it again and again, scattering seeds in every direction as the song now gets introduced far wider than to the motherland.

Go Wrong” features a carefree vocal delivery that we’re in love with. The instrumental is playfully bright—when paired with the hooky melodies of the song, the track feels accessible yet undeniably indie. Check out this awesome new release below.

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