December 22, 2020


This may be the only cover video we’ve ever posted because i think covers are best executed when they bring a new perspective and approach to the original. Enter this duo named Color Fields who did Billie Eilish’s “Everything I Wanted”. They really made it their own experimental masterpiece and hit it at a new angle.

Color Fields is John Torres (guitar, bass, vocals, production) and Scott Packham (keyboards, synthesizers, programming, production). The project combines their musical interests by marrying the rawness and immediacy of John’s vocal approach & timbre with Scott’s virtuosic accompaniment and production. Though their catalog can amble between electro-indie rock, modern pop, EDM, and dance, the common thread throughout is the successful yet unexpected incorporation of John’s voice within the mesmerizing sonic landscape that Scott so skillfully produces.

When the duo began planning out their live show, they wanted to include some covers, keyboardist / arranger Scott Packham was immediately drawn towards the song “Everything I Wanted” by Billie Eilish.

Said Scott about the choice, “When I first heard the original, the side-chained, dark piano part and moody vocals had me hooked right away. Looking at our set, I felt like we had a lot of high energy songs and I knew I wanted to have a moment in our set where things broke down to just John and I in a stripped down way. “Everything I Wanted” fit in the spot perfectly as a nice intimate and moody piece that we could really do some fun things with. Billie Eilish’s voice is really delicate and vulnerable and John’s voice can really do well when getting into that territory as well. When arranging the song for the show, I played around with more elaborate and intricate reharmonizations and textural changes, but I felt like some of them lost the feel of the original too much. I wound up finding something that felt different enough to have it feel exciting without losing the vibe of the original we already loved so much.”

Enjoy this colorful cover below.

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