March 13, 2021


As U.S. Army Captain and indie recording artist, Jon Richie, has discovered these past few years, one of the advantages to developing a musical career while serving in the military is the down time it has afforded him to develop his craft while being deployed in foreign territories.

“The sound I’ve arrived at is a bit hard to quantify, almost like trying to describe the color blue without using the word blue,” says Richie, who recently relocated to Southern Pines, NC. “I’ve developed my own unique way of singing and rapping. If you listen to ‘Wasted’ and the second verse of ‘Ashes,’ you’ll still hear that hip hop flow but that’s only one aspect of what I’m vibing with now. Instead of trying to simply fit myself into all these genres I love, I have learned how to work with all these different genres and bring them into my sound.

“Ashes” is a bittersweet track reflecting on goodbyes and how it’s not easy letting someone go. In spite of the distance, you know they’ll be on your mind, and it’s a relatable theme that fits perfectly with the acoustic-trap pop production and the tight vocal performance.

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