October 30, 2020


Boston’s own Khamari debuted his existence exactly a week ago with the “Eldorado” EP. Went to learn more about him in the Spotify bio:

I feel you bro, been there.

I hear Khalid in his tone, but I like how Khamari feels more soul R&B than the poppy Khalid. Actually wait, he’s more like 6lack for sure, just less sad. The chorus is backed with vocals from Jae Stephens which adds a nice contrasting layer to brighten it up even more.

Other Side brings the narrative arc of Khamari’s debut project into its nostalgic post relationship state. The single from his Eldorado EP reminisces back to how they were, how they felt, and leaves the door ajar in case it’s worth revisiting.

Over production from Alex Delicata and Trackside, counterbalanced with Jae Stephens’ vocal harmonies, he continues the intimately musical vibe of the project. As a body of work, the full sequence of songs illustrates the rise and fall of love, expectation, and fulfillment. 

Stream “Other Side” on the other side of this line.

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