October 30, 2020


Im’a say this right now. Kid Travis to me, is a more melodic and less repetitive version of Bryson Tiller with better production. I mean I’m biased because I’m kinda over the moody ambient production that Tiller prefers but I also think the more upbeat tracks in these genres are just more fun to vibe to. The world need happier music! Anyway. “Whats Left of Me” is from Kid’s Strawberry Skies Deluxe Album which is set to release mid-November. It’s about a relationship gone “very wrong” as he puts it.

What stood out to me to glue the almost “trap-latin” production and vocals together are the vocal chops he adds at the end of phrases like “bag, bag, baggage” it kinda reminds me of how PND ends his melodies sometimes.

Stream that below and look out for Strawberry Skies Deluxe Album, this boys a problem.

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