March 4, 2021


Amsterdam and Normandie based artist, Reinder van Zalk, alias KLAZ, has been making music in all parts of the media, from commercials to documentaries. Today he has started making music in a way that feels truly free to him. Following his intuition and collaborating with artists all over the world.Born into a musical family where his father played trumpet, Reinder was a natural born musician and artist. By the time he was a teenager, he had played in a new wave band which sparked even more interest and desire to be in the music industry. During his adult years, he had worked as a composer for different media that had been running in the Netherlands for years, as well as produced for many bands, jazz projects and hip hop acts in the industry.

With his newest work, The Comfortzone, Reinder tried to figure out where his comfort zone actually is—it resulted in an adventurous audio collage.

“Home” is a classy, groovy track with production we honestly don’t hear enough of in the contemporary music market. It’s full of pleasant surprises when the keys, horns, bass and percussion marry to create a pleasantly compelling piece. The vocals are laid back but full of soul, reminiscent of Amy Winehouse. We’re vibing to this song, and you will too.

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