March 27, 2021


MYB, the Michigan-bred duo of Scott Posada & Bryce Gray, came to life in 2019, drawing from the members’ shared love of Alt-Rock, R&B, and Pop. After meeting in a music lesson, the duo struck up a friendship and began producing songs together. Soon after, their self-mixed/produced/mastered EP “Tame You” was released in early 2020, giving them the confidence to pursue their lifelong dream of becoming full time musicians. With a distinct sound, the duo blends shimmering synths, bright electrics, warm acoustics, and punchy drums, for a little nostalgia and a lot of goodness.

“Pessimistic Panorama” is the epitome of compelling genre-ambiguity. The vocals have the R&B flavours of old-school Robin Thicke, while the production features more groovy rock influences and commercial pop percussion. The guitar riffs between sections are a pleasant addition. The rhythmic verses provide the song with that modern pop spice that takes this song to the next level. Check it out below.

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