We’re the team you don’t know you’re looking for


We’re the team you don’t know you’re looking for

This service is ideal if you have yet to finalize your project and could use some feedback from an industry professional. One of the best ways to save money and heartache is to avoid mistakes before they happen.

Project Consultation


(1 Custom Instrumental)

Our in-house producers and engineers approach every composition with the same level of respect and dedication, ensuring that you end up with a premium, bespoke product that elevates the quality of your project.

We understand that mixing is a very specialized skill so we only give your project to our most experienced engineers. We’ll make sure that your listeners hear your music the way it was meant to be heard.


With this program we start with the foundation of your project, making sure that your lyrics, melodies, and production are compelling. Even though our main objective is to help you find your sound, we also take the time to discuss your branding, social media presence as well as your overall marketing and advertising strategy throughout the process.



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